Join us this winter and spring as we bring together small groups of students who are passionate about books for weekly discussions and writing activities. Read about our courses below and sign up today to become a member of the Lions of the Literary Roundtable! Register here

Winter - 2016 Programs

Come join the Lions of Literature Historical Fiction Book Club and read the first book in Laurie Halse Anderson's incredible American Revolution series, Chains (The Seeds of America Trilogy). A small group of 3rd - 6th graders will be reading and discussing the start of Ruth's incredible journey as she and her sister, both slaves, are moved to New York and confront a country on the brink of war. 

Historical Fiction Book Club

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Come join the Lions of Literature Historical Fiction Book Club and read four compelling books by award-wining authors. Sign up for one session or join us for all four!

Our small, group classes will meet on Sundays from 3:30-5:30 pm. Each book will be read over the course of two or three weeks (depending on the length). Students will have reading assignments in between classes. Class time will be used to discuss subjects raised in each book – from history to mathematics, art to government, character development to the power of language. Additionally, we will complete writing and art projects related to our topics of study. And most importantly, our community of readers will have fun.

Included below is a list of the books we will read and session dates for each book. These sessions are ideally for students who are passionate about reading and are on at least a fifth grade reading level. Our aim is to create a committed, energetic, and intimate environment for students to think, learn, and explore. Each session is limited to 12 students. All reading and writing materials and snacks provided in class.

Date: Select Sundays in January, February, March, April and May.
See list below for dates for each book.

Cost: $60/Book (Please note: Each book meets for two or three Sundays; Cost includes a copy of the book, all supplies and class snacks. 

Location: The Hebrew Institute of White Plains


Historical Fiction Book Selections & Session Dates

Session 1: Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool
(Michael L. Printz Honor Winner, Literary Excellence in Young Adult Literature) 

Total cost: $60, includes book

This class has concluded.

Topics discussed: Mathematics/American Geography/History/Astronomy

From the author of Moon Over Manifest (Newbery Medal Winner) comes the odyssey-like adventure of two boys’ incredible quest on the Appalachian Trail looking for a lost brother. When Jack Baker’s father sends him from his home in Kansas to attend a boys’ boarding school in Maine, Jack doesn’t know what to expect. Certainly not Early Auden. Early keeps to himself, is fascinated by the number pi, weaves an amazing story for his friend and questions what everyone else says is accepted fact. Jack finds himself drawn into a friendship with Early, and the two boys set out on a quest to find Early's older brother who served in World War II. Will Jack’s and Early’s friendship last the journey? Can the boys make it home? What will they learn about themselves in the process?


Session 2: Paperboy by Vince Vawter (Newbery Honor)

Total Cost: $60, includes book

This class has concluded. 

Topics discussed: American Civil Rights & Segregation/American History/ Philosophy

Paperboy is a powerfully and moving tale that lets the reader get inside the mind of a young 7th grade boy who cannot easily communicate because of a stutter. Yet setting aside all his fears, he agrees to take over his best friend’s paper route for the summer, knowing he will have to speak far more than he is comfortable doing. The book is a look at the power of verbal communication and those who live in a world where they can express themselves whatever they want. The setting of the book is Memphis in the 1950s, which allows the author to weave in history about segregation. The author of this book was a newspaper reporter who stuttered his whole life.


Session 3: A Proud Taste for Scarlet & Miniver by E. L. Konigsburg

Cost: $60, includes book

This class has concluded. 

Topics discussed: History of English Monarchies/Forms of Government/Art of the High Middle Ages/Philosophy

Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife to two kings, mother to two others, has been waiting in Heaven to be reunited with her second husband, Henry II of England. The day comes when Henry will be judged for admission. While Eleanor, never a patient woman in life or afterlife, waits, three people, each of whom was close to Eleanor during a time of her life, join her to tell part of her story. Konigsburg, a Newbery Award winning author, paints a rich portrait of an extraordinary figure in history who was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe and whose accomplishments had an important influence on society. She sponsored poets and musicians, established the legend of King Arthur as a romantic feature of English literature, and helped rule a kingdom that spanned from Scotland to the Pyrenees. The High Middle Ages is rich with topics for study.


Session 4: The Guardians by John Christopher

Class will meet: May 1 and May 15

Cost: $60, includes book. Register Now

Topics discussed: Utopian Societies/Forms of Government/History of Great Britain

Set in the year 2052, this dystopian children’s novel depicts a future where England is divided into two distinct societies: One is the Conurb—a sprawling, modern city where technology rules and people live with only the bare minimum they need to survive. The other is the County—a land of green fields and beautiful mansions, where the people have turned back the clock to a pristine past and live like their ancestors did in 19th-century England. The novel, by one of England’s greatest science fiction writers, follows a 14-year old Conurban named Rob as he comes to experience life in both worlds, uncovering truths about both places. In the end, Rob will have to make a choice about which place he will make home and whether he has the courage to work for change.